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07.12.2001, 15:35:00
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Gelungene Mischung zwischen Tablet PC, Laptop und PDA!?

Quelle (http://www.wince.com.tw/news/index.php?id=643&action=detail)

07.12.2001, 15:38:00

National Semiconductor Geode 200MHz CPU (like Cyrix) touch-screen "tablet" PC

CyrixExpress video system (2Mb Video RAM, shared with main RAM)

32Mb RAM standard, expandable to 96Mb maximum

6Gb hard drive

6.7" TFT colour display, 800 x 600 resolution with resistive touch screen

Built-in connectivity includes a cardbus PCMCIA Type 2 expansion slot, USB port and Infra-red port

Soundblaster 16 compatible sound system

Windows 98 included - operating system pre-installed, ready to use

Weighs only 1.88lb (855 grams), dimensions 210mm (L) x 132mm (W) x 30mm (H)

Auf der CASIO UK Homepage ist es auch vorhanden... (http://www.casio-systems.co.uk/fiva.htm)