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22.01.2009, 03:20:59
Brainiac Pack BlackBerry - save 30% from PDATopSoft.com



The ultimate brainiac's puzzle game pack! 3 top sellers at a HUGE discount: Poker Solitaire, Logic Squares, and Hangman Trivia! Features stunning color graphics, unparalleled ease of use, and much more. Have hours of fun with this affordable game pack for your handheld!

Hangman Trivia - Combines two of the most popular casual games into one fantastic challenge. It's hangman with a trivia twist where players need to answer questions to get the letters they'll need to save that poor soul with the noose around his neck! It's perfect for mobile gamers of all ages. Play until you win or choke!

Logic Squares - An extremely addictive, brain-busting game of logic and skill where the object is to change all the squares to the same color. However, when you change one square, all the others around it also change color. Easy to learn, but hard to master!

Poker Solitaire - Hone your poker skills with this unique and challenging combination of two all-time favorite card games. Use your cards to fill in the rows, columns, and diagonals as strategically as possible to build the best poker hands you can. The better the hands, the better your score!

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