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23.10.2002, 00:07:29
Mobile Command Systems' NOMAD portable printer offers mobile printing for Palms, Pocket PCs, and laptops over a Bluetooth or 802.11b. What you print is up to you.

Mobile Command Systems is releasing a portable printer to connect to any portable device, wirelessly. The NOMAD> printer is small and light enough to be worn on a belt. It uses a 4.25 inch (108 mm) wide paper tape for printing.


Ill: Mobile Command Systems
The NOMAD is designed for rugged field applications where the device may be tosssed around considerably during use, such as on a hip. NOMAD offers multiple interfaces for device communication and is designed around a modular component architecture with flash upgradeable drivers that can be upgraded over the web. Optional components include a magnetic stripe card reader, Bluetooth connectivity and 802.11b (WiFi) support for wireless connections to handhelds or laptops. Also available are a carrying case and external charger. For automobile use, Mobile Command Systems offers a vehicle mounting bracket and cigarette lighter adapter.

Mobile Command Systems will provide drivers for Palm OS, Pocket PC 2002, and desktop (laptop) Windows, in an effort to reach the widest possible audience.

The NOMAD will not be available until early 2003, and a price is not yet available.

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