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23.12.2003, 00:31:44
The market for pdaPhones keeps getting more and more interesting, at least in terms of what we are shown. It would be nice if we got to buy a lot more of the ones that we see in reference design. LG has shown another device based on Windows Mobile 2003 Phone Edition.


This one is based on the now popular XScale 400 Mhz processor which is a given for any new device today. It deviates from the crowd pretty quickly from there, however. First, it has a whopping 192MB or RAM, more than enough for anyone coming from a 32MB or 64MB device. I'm still quite happy with a 256MB SD card add-on, and I have mapping data and a load of MP3s on there.

The other thing that this device has which will be a new milestone is a 1.1Megapixel camera. To date, all the pdaPhones have a very low resolution 0.3Megapixel camera. With this on, you might actually get some pictures you'd want to keep. Now, there goes that memory!


All of those things are nice, but the real head-turner here is the slide out numeric keypad. Its hard to tell from the pictures how big this device is. If it is standard Pocket PC size, then this keyboard should have been QWERTY, bcause it makes for a huge numeric keypad and a huge waste of space. If it is small, then the keypad may be fine. We'll have to wait until someone can report that has hands on experience with it.

It's really great to see the manufacturers pushing the norm on pdaPhones. Innovation is alive and well in this market, long lost in many of the other tech sectors.


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